Drilling Fluids - Systems

ABS 40Environmentally Friendly InvertSpecialized environmentally friendly synthetic oil based mud system.
CES InvertInvertMaintain stability in highly deviated wellbores and shale sensitive formations.
EnerCLEAR™High CalciumAllows for increased bit life and faster ROP. System is very inhibitive.
EnerDrillSynthetic OBMUltra light weight synthetic oil based fluid. Enhances rate of penetration in deep, highly consolidated formations.
EnerReach™Polymeric InvertOffers outstanding rheology control, flow properties, and inhibition for most oil and gas plays.
EnerSeal™Patented Lost Circulation Control SystemUnique rheology profile that mitigates fluid loss in permeable and fractured formations.
Invert / EcovertInvertMaintain stability in highly deviated wellbores and allows pipe to be tripped without restiction.
Liquidrill™Non-Damaging Polymer SystemUsed in horizontal, heavy oil, long reach, and SAGD wells.
LiquiSEALLost Circulation Control SystemIdeally suited for sealing micro fractures and mitigation of loss circulation to highly permeable formations.
PureStarSynthetic OBMEnvironmentally compatible, salt free, synthetic oil based mud system.
TarDrillSAGDOffers exceptional anti-accretion properties for easier drilling in SAGD areas.