Production Chemicals

Anti-Foulants• Efficient facility operation.
• Reduces downtime.
• Preventing asphaltene deposition in process equipment.
Biocides• Water quality maintenance.• Control anaerobic and aerobic bacteria for water injection, water used in completions / fracturing , produced-water, and cooling-water systems.
Corrosion Inhibitors • Control of downhole, plant, and pipeline corrosion issues.
• Specialize in severe corrosion environments. Whole equipment and production facility
• Acid gas corrosion protection
• Waterflood corrosion inhibitor
• Flowline corrosion inhibitor
• Pipeline corrosion inhibitor
• Downhole corrosion inhibitor
• Combination products
Emulsion Breakers• Separate oil from emulsion.
• Clean water from emulsion and ready for disposal.
• Reduces operating costs.
• Resolve oil and water emulsions occurring during crude oil production and processing.
• Assist in the clarification of produced water.
Foamers & Defoamers• Increase the efficiency of the production process.
• Reduces operating costs.
• Foamers for removing H2O from natural gas wells.
• Defoamers for alleviating foaming in oil and water systems.
Gas Processing Chemicals• Natural gas plant processing efficiencies.• Dehydration
• Heat transfer
• Defoamers
• Hydrate control
Hydrate Inhibitors / Breakers• Reduces downtime of wells and lost production.• Designed to control the formation of gas hydrates in pipelines.
• Breakers to remove hydrates after formation.
Paraffin & Asphaltene Control• Increase the efficiency of the production process.
• Reduces operating costs.
• Control the many problems associated with paraffin and asphaltene deposition in oil and natural gas production.
• Pour point depressants
• Crystal modifiers
• Dispersants
• Solvents
• Asphaltene dispersants for natural gas and oil
Salt Inhibitors and Desalters• Reduces downtime of wells and lost production.• Reduces the formation of salt in the production process.
• Desalters remove excess salt from oil.
Scale Inhibitors • Maintains production of wells.
• Reduces downtime and lost production.
• Reduces operating costs.
• Controls the deposition of all forms of carbonate and sulfate scale.
• Controls scale deposition in downhole equipment and production facility.
Solids Chemistries (Smart Balls™)• Effective downhole, tank and pipeline application of solid chemistries.
• Engineered to distribute the chemical treatment at the specific location.
• Environmentally safe as product design eliminates potential for any spill in transit or on site.
• Corrosion control
• Scale inhibitors
• Paraffin control
• Iron Check
• Foamers
• Biocides
• Water Treatment
Water Treatment Chemicals• Water quality• Chemicals for removing hydrocarbon residue from disposal water.
• Flocculants for solids removal
• Sand control